1. How many males are in the data set How many females 2. Calculate the mean median minimum maximum and

1. How many males are in the data set? How many females?
2. Calculate the mean, median, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation for self-reported health.
3. Create a scatter plot displaying the relationship between BMI and age where BMI is on the Y-axis and age is on the X-axis. Include a line of best fit in the graph with the functional relationship (e.g. BMI=Intercept+number*age).
4. Create a new variable in Column H equal to age squared.
5. Calculate the proportion of the sample with a university level education.
6. What is the correlation between BMI and self-reported health. Provide a 1-2 sentence interpretation of this result.
7. How many individuals exercise at least 2-3 times per week?


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