1. List at least five (5) of the main characteristics

1. List at least five (5) of the main characteristics of the Phylum Xenacoelamorpha including unique ones.

2. (A) What does the term Bilateria mean and (B) What phyla are included in Bilateria. Hint: list the ones covered in this course.

3. Elaborate on the following



4. While Xenacoelomorpha are primitive bilaterians they are not considered part of the larger clade containing the great majority of animal phyla:

a)What is the name of this clade and what is the single synapomorphy that is shared by all phyla in that clade?

b)Do xenacoelomorphs have this excretory system?

c)Why are xenacoelomorphs thought to be the precursors to bilaterians?

d)To what protostome phylum was xenacoelomorpha originally thought to be part of?

5. List the main types of reproduction modes of animals in the Phylum Xenacoelomorpha and provide at least one example for each one. For asexual modes, provide at least two examples.


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