1. We have mostly been reading about Jim Crow so


1. We have mostly been reading about Jim Crow so far, but except for the documentary, we haven’t encountered many images from the period yet. 

     A. Did you find that these images helped you better understand how Jim Crow operated and was experienced by the black and white populations that fell under these laws? Explain your answer. You should write at least 3-4 sentences. 

     B. Of the twelve images, which one or two pictures did you find most powerful/moving/provocative?  What was it about the picture(s) that caught your attention and what did it make you think and feel?  You should write at least 3-4 sentences.

2. So many of the images portray how economic segregation and social segregation went hand in hand, a reality of Jim Crow that raises many questions.  Why do you think white business owners, who presumably wanted customers, were so willing to either block or limit black patronage at their places of business?  Why do you think black customers were willing to be customers at places that treated them poorly compared to their white customers?   You should write at least 4-5 sentences long.  

3. Some of these images are of places that are publicly owned- there is a picture of a park entrance, and the park was either run by a local or state agency (and we know national parks also practiced segregation), as well as the pictures from Virginia Beach and a park. 

    A. Although by now you know that Jim Crow was adopted as law and segregation was very much codified by local and state legislatures, did you find it surprising to see how public spaces, paid for by taxes paid by the black and white populations, were so deeply segregated? Do you find this kind of segregation even more problematic than that imposed by privately owned businesses and clubs?  Explain your answer. You should write at least 3-4 sentences.

    B. Why do you think the white population was so intent in keeping these public spaces, meant for relaxation and recreation, segregated?  What do you think they thought was at stake if they did not maintain segregation?  Explain your answer.  You should write at least 3-4 sentences


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