1) You will choose one of six from the six


1) You will choose one of six from the six articles describing the topic or trend and

2) You will reflect on how it could affect you in your future career in criminal justice.  

This assignment must be written in APA format, which means you must have a title page, (no abstract needed), content page(s), and a reference page with at least three (3) reliable sources. You must write in 3rd person, do not use any contractions unless they are in a direct quote, and number your pages in the top right-hand corner.  Also, you must cite your authors within the text (i.e., in-text citations).  If you paraphrase ANYTHING, you must give the author(s) credit. 


For this assignment, you must address the following prompts with evidence from your selected article, and three (3) reliable sources (your original article and two others): 

  • Describe the trend presented in your selected articles and how it affects the field of criminal justice, 
  • Explain how current criminal justice professionals are addressing the trend presented in your selected article, and 
  • Reflect on how you believe this trend will affect your future career in criminal justice taking into account your unique strengths and weaknesses.  

Assignment directions

You will choose an article that meets the following requirements:

  • Acceptable topics: Criminal justice or criminology topic covered in the textbook or related material (i.e., theories of criminology, criminal justice, etc.).
  • Articles must come from reliable publishing sources (Blogs, Wikipedia, and online encyclopedia entries are not acceptable). If you are unsure if the source is reliable, contact me for clarification.

The additional reliable sources must be synthesized with the original article. This assignment must have two full pages of content written in the 3rd person.  Make sure that your entire project and references are in APA format. The article or article link and write-up should be submitted using the Hot Topic Reflection Assignment Link located in Canvas.

Articles *Choose one article*


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