150 words Reggie comes to see Savannah, who has been

 150 words

Reggie comes to see Savannah, who has been a practicing therapist for 2 years. Reggie is in a long-term relationship and has had several affairs, which he blames mostly on his partner. His goal in therapy is to find some way to ameliorate his guilt. After a few sessions, Savannah suggests he consider couples therapy because much of the content of his sessions has had to do with his relationship with his partner. He refuses this referral. Reggie begins the following session sharing about his latest affair and his guilt. She then tells him that she cannot, in good conscience, continue to see him because his behavior bothers her, he continues to have affairs, and she sees no way to help him obtain his goal of alleviating his guilt and while continuing the behavior. Savannah tells him that he needs to find another therapist, offers him three referrals, and states this is their last session together due to his “lack of process.”

  • What is the problem with this situation? What concerns, if any, do you have about this situation?
  • Is Savannah acting ethically in asking him to see another therapist?
  • Choose one Code of Ethics to apply to this situation (ACA, NASW, AAMFT). Summarize the specific section of the code you are applying to this case.
  • What suggestions would you have for Savannah?

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