Describe and discuss the topic

Psychological disorders, such as  bipolar disorder can present several complications for patients of all ages. These disorders affect patients physically and emotionally, potentially impacting judgment, school and/or job performance, and relationships with family and friends. Since these disorders have many drastic effects on patients’ lives, it is important for advanced practice nurses to effectively manage patient care. With patient factors and medical history in mind, it is the advanced practice nurse’s responsibility to ensure the safe and effective diagnosis, treatment, and education of patients with psychological disorders.

For this Discussion, you will select an interactive media piece to practice decision making when treating patients with psychological disorders. You will recommend the most effective pharmacotherapeutic to treat the psychological disorder presented and examine potential impacts of pharmacotherapeutics on a patient’s pathophysiology.


Introduction – 10pts Introduce the topic and your reason for choosing this topic Main topic- 45pts  Describe and discuss the topic (15pts)  The relationship to nursing (15pts)  The impact of topic on a specific population (could be cultural, the nurse, the health care profession, the student, education) different from the main focus. This could be positive or negative or both- (15pts) Summary- 10pts Incorporate a minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles into your paper to provide insight to your topic- 15pts APA format -10pts Grammar, spelling, punctuation- 10pts You may have no more than ONE direct quote. Must be cited properly. Length of paper is 2-3 pages. In addition you must have a title page and a reference page. Times New Roman 12pt. Font One inch margins Double spaced


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