A controversial issue from Procon.org .

 Choose a controversial issue from Procon.org. Write a researched argument that summarizes and evaluates key claims (pros) and counterclaims (cons) of the issue before developing a position based upon the strength of one particular side. You must support your position with evidence from reputable websites (.gov or .edu) or academic journals from online databases provided by the school (GALE Research Databases or EBSCO Research Databases). REQUIREMENTS ● MLA Heading & Format (DB space, page numbers, Works Cited page) ● There must be 6-7 sources on your Works Cited page ○ 2pro ○ 2con ○ 2+ from an academic journal in a research database ● Arial, Georgia, Calibri, or Times New Roman font, 12 pt. ● 1000-1200 words ● Parenthetical Citations for all information that comes from outside sources. ● Evidence must come from articles published in academic journals between 2014-2019. ● Acceptable evidence from academic journals includes: ○ Examples ○ Facts ○ Numbers ○ Quotes

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