A Why did Green Politics become an ideology what was it reacting against B What is one the main challenge

A) Why did Green Politics become an ideology, what was it reacting against?
B) What is one the main challenge that it is facing in its application?
C) Review the political platform of the Green Party of Canada. Find 2 political actions related to Green Politics. Explain how they are related using concepts discussed in class.
D) Explain how climate change is affecting the world we live in. Provide 2 recent examples to support your argument.
APA OR MLA 800 words
Global Climate Change – Vital signs of the Planet – NASA
Ecological Footprint (WEBSITE)
How much is nature worth? (ARTICLE)The NY Times (1997)By W. Stevens
Costanza et al – The value of the world2019s ecosystem services and natural capital.pdf
The world is facing a biological annihilation of species, researchers warn (ARTICLE) By Chloe Farand Monday 10 July 2017


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