An essay that analyzes how Seth Holmes’ work Fresh Fruit, Broken

Topic 2) Beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s, anthropologists began to develop critical perspective on their own discipline and called for new forms of anthropological research and/or writing. Write an essay that analyzes how Seth Holmes’ work Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies can be seen as building from earlier critiques of anthropology. The essay should first provide an account of some of the key critiques (at least 2) of anthropology found in the writings of Diane Lewis (“Anthropology and Colonialism”) and then show how Seth Holmes’ study of Mexican immigrants builds on them.

Note: You do not have to discuss all of the earlier critiques of anthropology or suggestions as to what anthropology should do. Some relevant examples include:–critiques of the idea anthropologists must be completely detached observers; calls for activist anthropology–critiques of the culture concept and how it can be used to represent ‘others’; calls to analyze structures of power, domination, exploitation, etc.–critiques of viewing cultures in isolation; calls to study peoples as existing in relation to each other.

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