As a practicing I-O psychologist, you may be asked to


As a practicing I-O psychologist, you may be asked to provide guidance to managers based on your expertise and grasp of scholarly research. This assignment will allow you to engage with the many threads of scholarly research that inform the study of behavior in organizations, including:

  • social psychology
  • general psychology
  • anthropology
  • sociology
  • business management.

Part One: OB and Management Research 

For the first part of this you will discuss at least one contribution from each of these five areas of research to the study of organizational behavior (OB). In a rapidly changing world, this cross-disciplinary knowledge can provide insight and guide managers to accurate decisions and productive actions.

Part Two: Evidence-based Practice Recommendations 

For the second part of this, you will choose a particular management challenge from the list below and describe at least two evidence-based best practices that address this challenge from the scholarly literature in one or more of the five categories listed above.

Management Challenges

  • Conducting Performance Appraisals
  • Ensuring Effective Communication
  • Engaging in Crisis Intervention/Response
  • Developing/Conducting Employee Training
  • Engaging in Team Development
  • Hiring and Promotions
  • Navigating Organizational Cultural Change
  • Encouraging Organizational Productivity/Effectiveness

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