Assignment: Integrating Research & the Source Review Instructions You will

Assignment: Integrating Research & the Source Review


You will be working individually on your Company Report.   It will be your sole responsibility for completing this assignment.  The Source Review is the first assignment in the Company Report Project. You will be building assignments in the following modules that will culminate in rough and final drafts of the Company Report.

Identify a company. (See the Source Review Sample for more information.)

Company Background & Current Stage in Growth Lifecycle

Detailed Financial Information – Microeconomics

Industry Landscape, Trends and Competitors – Macroeconomics

Recent Developments, Analyst Opinions & Consensus

Begin your research and start compiling quotes, charts, graphs and insights from a variety of sources to use in your report. Review this week’s lecture for more information.

Use MLA formatting for each entry and submit in 12 point Times New Roman font,

Review the samples in this module and in your textbook.

Please refer to the Library Resources Section:

Hoovers Online

Mintel Global Market

Mintel Trends

Plunkett Research


Use the rubric in this module to assess your work.

Make sure to save the file as “Assignment Title –  Last Name”, i.e.: Research and Source – Carbajal

See the Source Review Sample for an example of how this assignment should be presented.


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