Book that can be use isSamaha J.Criminal Procedure 10th Cengage. Part 1 Chapter 1 U.S. v. Apple Exactly what

Book that can be use is
Samaha, J.
Criminal Procedure, 10th, Cengage.
Part 1
Chapter 1 – U.S. v. Apple
Exactly what is Apple asking for in its motion?
List Apples arguments to support its motion.
Some of the best lawyers in the country crafted these powerful arguments on both sides of the balancing ideal. Recall that balancing refers to securing public safety for the whole community while protecting the liberty and privacy of every individual in the community (see p. 6). Assume youre the judge who has to rule on where to strike the balance. Announce your decision, and write an opinion explaining it.
Chapter 2 – Rochin v. California
Why did the police actions violate Rochins due process?
Does the police conduct in this case shock your conscience? Why or why not?
Are shocks the conscience, offending the communitys sense of fair play and decency, traditions and conscience of our people, and those canons of decency and fairness which express the notions of justice of English speaking peoples purely a matter of personal opinion, or are they objective tests? Explain.
Summarize how Justice Frankfurter defines and defends the fundamental fairness doctrine.
Summarize how Justice Black defines and defends the incorporation doctrine.
Which doctrine is better? Back up your answer with the facts of the case and the arguments of the majority and concurring opinions.
Part 2
Chapter 5 – Graham v. Connor
List all the specific uses of force by the officers.
State the standard that the Court adopted for determining whether the use of force violated the Fourth Amendment.
How does the Courts standard differ from the test that the Court of Appeals applied in the case?
Why did the Court change the standard? Which test do you favor? Explain your answer.
If you were applying the tests to the facts of this case, what decision would you reach? Defend your answer.
Chapter 6 – Young v. City of Radcliff
List all the facts and circumstances relevant to interrogating whether law enforcement officers violated Youngs idea of privacy in his home.
Summarize the courts interrogating and in applying of the individual privacy/ public safety ideals balance.
In your opinion, was Stephen Young innocent? Defend your answer.


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