Complete the chart attached below within the document called “W4-


Complete the chart attached below within the document called 

“W4- Background Analysis and Grading Rubric” in the Assignment area. In the chart you are to:

 Instructions: Complete the chart below using size 10 Times New Roman font with single line spacing. Your total response must be at least 500 words excluding references and the template headers. 2 peer-reviewed references must be embedded in your responses along with the full citations listed in the appropriate cells.  

• Identify and describe 3 elements or qualities needed of effective of background checks.

• Identify 3 examples of background checks that could be appropriate for hiring a position of your choice.

• Describe the legal concern(s)such as federal laws, state laws, and case law, that should be considered for each background check. Include rationale, examples, and research to support your answer.


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