Construction Management: Site Layout Planning & Project Planning

Assist in developing an appreciation of the core requirements of site management and project planning.

Construction site managers liaise with architects, planners, engineers and surveyors. Work includes overseeing the delivery of materials to construction site on schedule, making sure the project complies with building regulations, CDM 2015, reporting to the client and installing temporary offices for site staff etc.

Your task will include the above and more for this project – Your company has been awarded the contract to demolish the Workshop E, Mobiles (M1 – M4) and build a new facility for  LSEC, Holly Hill, Campus, but not the landscape area, you also need to ensure that you consider sustainability for materials, waste and construction methods.

You are to assume the role of a Contractor and provide a site layout ready for submission with the client’s proposal. Secondly, as a construction manager you are required to prepare a project plan of construction work using MS project programming,  showing the sequence of operations, durations for each activity and resource management (material, labour, and  plant procurement and  control) . The plan is to comply with the method statement for the construction procedure submitted.  The project is to be completed in 18 months.

 It is compulsory that you use Harvard System to reference your work. You are also required to consult at least 10 different sources of reference

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