Discussion: Promissory Estoppel Look up the “Drennan v. Star Paving

 Discussion: Promissory Estoppel Look up the “Drennan v. Star Paving Co.” case and give your reflections on the case as it relates to the “Promissory Estoppel.” Initial Post In your own words (with support of case facts, including the module lecture), outline your opinion on the case as it relates to the promissory estoppel. Reply Posts Respond to at least two of your peers’ initial posts. Select posts that do not yet have two replies. In each reply, consider the following: • How do their opinions differ from yours? • Did they include any ideas that expanded your thinking about the case? • Did they overlook anything that you included in your initial post? • Did they include anything that you feel is inaccurate or unremarkable? Assignment Requirements Your initial post should provide a clear and detailed explanation of your thoughts on how this case addresses promissory estoppel (approximately 100-150 words). Posts must be professional. The tone of your writing should be that of speaking with a work colleague. Reply posts should cover the components outlined above and should be approximately 100 words. Ideas presented in your initial and reply posts should be supported by course learning materials and other web-resources. Submitting your Assignment All work must be your own. Copying other people’s work or from the Internet is a form of plagiarism and will be prosecuted as such. 1. Create a new thread on the discussion board designated to this assignment in your online course. 2. Give your thread a unique title that is pertinent to your reflection. 3. It is recommended that you compose your posts in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc and copy & paste it into the discussion. This will help protect your work from being lost due to internet connection issues or other technical errors. 


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