Essay 3: Environment & the Challenges of Global Governance Considering the


Essay 3: Environment & the Challenges of Global Governance 

Considering the readings, video presentations, and your own research, draft a quality 6pg. research paper on a particular global environmental challenge with at least region-wide if not wider significance.  Each paper must contain at least 5-7 scholarly sources original to this paper, Discuss your selection in accordance with the following prompts, answering in a separate or integrated manner as you wish:

  • What is the nature and scope of the      environmental problem you selected? What caused the problem and what      justifies it as a global rather than local concern? If the problem seems      more local or even regional than global, what aspects of the problem make      its urgency appealing to global institutions, states, or individuals that      effectively run these institutions? 
  • Reasoning with clear ideas and      examples, explain why the issue is difficult to resolve with collective      action of any kind—local, regional, global. Who or what are the main      obstacles to mitigating, ameliorating, or even solving the problem you      identify? 
  • Many Christians on a spectrum      from left to right consider themselves ‘environmentalists’ at some level,      from supporting nature preserves, national parks, and clean air and water      to global agendas like climate change, pollution reduction, and population      control. Using biblical and extra-biblical sources (The Bible,      commentaries, teachings, other writings, etc.) to inform your own      reasoning, explain how a      consistent Christian worldview may be compatible with the label ‘Christian      environmentalist.’ Be clear and coherent in your response, since you want      to avoid Bible verses at random with little integrated relevance.  

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