For this Discussion/Posting #2, in Activity #2, you should have


For this Discussion/Posting #2, in Activity #2, you should have accessed the web link on Hofstede’s website and entered different countries to compare as well two (2) self-assessments on individualism-collectivism.  Please answer the following questions in relation to that activity.  Refer to course concepts and material in your response.  

Total Points:  60 points

Here are my parameters (which will help guide you in terms of what I am looking for):

*Your Initial Post (you have to answer questions in an initial posting on every discussion):  This should be 250 words single-spaced.


*What do you notice about the scores and cultural patterns attributed to the countries that you entered? Is such information accurate? In what ways?

*What larger presumptions seem to be made by Hofstede’s website (about what culture is, the nature of cultural behavior)?

*How useful is this information from Hofstede’s research?  In what ways?  How can it be limiting?

*In Activity #3, from the two (2) self-assessments that you scored yourself, what was revealed about your level of individualism or collectivism?



Country Comparison


Please do the following in this Activity #3.

1) Go to the following website: (Links to an external site.)

2) Answer the items by pressing on the appropriate choices.

3) Once you are finished (there is an item countdown), it will tell you your score or the more tendencies towards individualism or collectivism.

4) Now, go to another website below: (Links to an external site.)

2) Complete the questionnaire given the instructions at the top of the website.  You will need to write down  or type up (in a separate document). your numerical answers by numbered items.  For example:  1) 4 (Important To Me).

3) Once you are done putting down your answers on paper or in a document, go ahead and score it based on the instructions:

“To find your individualism score, add your responses to the odd numbered items. To find your collectivism score, add your responses to the even numbered items. Both scores will range from 10 to 50. The higher your scores, the more individualistic and/or collectivistic your values are.”

You will reflect on this Activity #3 for one question in Discussion #2!)


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