Here is the Assignment: Please engage in dialectic movement and

Here is the Assignment: Please engage in dialectic movement and dialogic engagement with opposing viewpoints surrounding the heated debate over language usage in the United States by analyzing the relationship between language and identity.

The result will be your formation of a stance or point of view that is clear and distinct and can be supported by the synthesis of source materials. This synthesis should result in a fair representation of perspectives that will provide an avenue through which truth can emerge from your analysis.

This DIALECTIC RESPONSE must include quotes and paraphrasing work from Gloria Anzaldúa and David Foster Wallace, but you can also bring in quotes/paraphrases from other sources you have researched on your own. 

Please provide a supporting argument for why English should NOT be the official language of the United States, and should instead be recognized as just another language that keeps the country diverse. In other words, defend diversity and multiple perspectives to support the idea of an inclusive society. Perhaps you will explore the importance of Americans understanding the relationship between identity and language, or of being bilingual. What you ultimately “argue” is up to you. But you must work within the scope of concepts found within Anzaldúa’s and Wallace’s writing.

Writing Considerations: 

·The dialectic response should be five pages long, double spaced

o use 12 pt. font with a professional or academic quality (Times, Times New Roman are good).

·Demonstrate Basic Parenthetical Citation Knowledge:

o Please use quotes and paraphrases from any source you work with.

o Cite source material according to MLA guidelines

o Consult the Purdue OWL to help you format numbers, grammar. and punctuation.

·Include bibliographic information at the end of the document—use whatever method you know or that makes sense to you.


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