HS101- Intro to Human Services Assignment Content Using resources on

HS101- Intro to Human Services 

Assignment Content

  1. Using resources on the internet, and journal articles, find a case to discuss in terms of a developmental perspective explaining the following:

    -Child development
    -Personality development
    -Life span development

    Include a summary of the case. Also discuss pros and cons of the perspectives for this case. (NOTE: You may use the case of Gloria in the textbook. The case is discussed in Experiential Exercises #2)

    The response should be between 1-2 pages in an APA format and supported with material from the chapter as well as one journal article.

 Course Materials Text(s): Theory, Practice and Trends and Human Services, 6th Edition, ISBN: 978- 133781917-6 by Neukrug. (MindTap). 

Chapter: Creating and Helping Environment (LO2-LO3)


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