Based on your viewing of this documentary on early
Based on your viewing of this documentary on early life, (and perhaps knowledge you have gathered from other sources) what are your final thoughts regarding “how we know what we know” about early Life?Include the following:

1. What is the current accepted hypothesis on how early life began?2. Does this hypothesis conflict with other ways of assessing the “truth” about the natural world around us? Why or why not? (think faith, religion etc) 3. How have scientist’s tested this scientific hypothesis on our understanding of early life?4. Click on the link below to explore Cyanobacteria.What role did this organism play in early life? How would you describe it’s cellular structure? (why is it green?) Is it a prokaryote or a Eukaryote?

5. How is algae coming into the picture as an important player regarding energy? How is ASU assisting the department of Energy? (3 points)• Click on the following links to find out:


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