I have a ready made paper that needs editing here

I have a ready made paper that needs editing here and there to achieve passing grade.

Subject: Organizational Behavior

I need the work done within 8 hours and no more. (please reject if you can’t make it in time as I cannot submit any later) 

Attached below is the paper that needs editing. 

  Instructor feedback: (work to be done by you) 

 I have checked your assignment. But you have explained all the concepts in general, not given examples. You have to share your teamwork experience in your assignment. You should assume that you have organised an event in Oman. The event is organised with the help of team members. You have to prepare your assignment like this.
Please follow the below instructions and re write the assignment.

P3-  Explain the event organised by your team in Oman. Explain about the event and your team, who is your leader? Who are the members?

      – explain the type of team chosen for organising the event.

       – prepare the team structure of your team.

-By giving examples from your team, it is required to explain the team roles ( 9 ROLES) based on Belbin’s typology.

-By giving examples, it is required to explain the types of conflicts in your team and methods of resolution of conflicts.(any 3 types of conflicts faced at the time organising the event. Also required to explain about how did your resolved the conflicts.)

– explain the reasons for the effectiveness of your team.


P4- It is required to explain the type of leadership used in your team to organise the event.

* It is advised to apply and analyse ANY ONE leadership theory in the context of your team


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