Imagine you’re looking for new team members to join your
Imagine you’re looking for new team members to join your team (this could be a work, volunteer, or religious organization). After reviewing Coach’s tips for hiring the best players for your team, which ones would you use to help find the right candidates? Why?

Respond to the answer below as well

RE: Hiring Team MembersIt is not always easy trying to put together that perfect team. After listening to coach Gibbs, finding the right person can make or break a team’s success. You want the candidates to feel as though they are working for the best company and vice versa. After reading and listen to the tips that Coach gives on finding that right candidate, I think I would use (Promote From Within). The reason I would use this method is because the person will already know the company’s norm and business practices. This will help avoid conflict that may arise by bringing on a new person that knows nothing about the team or business. As Coach Gibbs stated, promoting within will demonstrate a commitment to sharing company growth and success with individual employees. By promoting within the company and sharing the growth and success of the team will help motivate other team members. Also, when you give team members more opportunities to advance within and not bring others for the outside to fill these slots it brings about loyal to the company. They feel they are wanted and needed so they stick around for long-term.

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