Intravenous infiltration

 Directions: After you complete the readings and activities in this Module, reflect on the following questions: You are a Nurse Manager on a medical surgical unit. Recently, you have noticed there have been many intravenous infiltrations of multiple types of medications, with poor outcomes. Your job is to gather the evidence to determine what the literature is recommending for educating your nurses on the unit about intravenous infiltrations and extravasations. Because you are a professional nurse and are learning to become an evidence-based manager, you use the evidence-based approach to the problem. Based on the readings: 1. What six questions would you ask to gather data? Explain where you would go to gather the data and why. 2. Where would you get your sources from? 3. Name and explain at least four misconceptions about evidence-based practice. You must have at least two references in APA format.


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