Machiavelli Ideology on Hobbe’s Leviathan

The paper should be 1700 words long. Double spaced, Times New Roman, Must have citations in APA format (with the page number in the citation). Answer the questions below exactly as it is asked. Sources used will be The Prince by Machiavelli and Leviathan by Hobbes. Don’t use other sources. Everything must be cited. In this paper imagine that Machiavelli were still alive when Hobbes’ Leviathan was published in 1651. What would the Florentine think of the Englishman’s book? Based on the ideas put forth in “The Price”, would Machiavelli generally agree or disagree with the major premises and conclusion of Leviathan? Why? For this topic, you may choose to focus on any dimensions or portions of Leviathan you think would interest Machiavelli. You may also consider writing this paper in first person (for example if you were Machiavelli, writing a book review for a general audience, a confidential report for a politician, or an entry in his personal notebook).

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