Module 3 MUSE Choose one key point from either the

Module 3 MUSE

Choose one key point from either the lectures or the video, and comment on why it reinforces the presence and/or impact of social injustices (as defined in the lecture and reading) in the US.

Need 100 words Muse assignment. 

Module 3 lecture is attached and Muse assignment details is also attached.

Module 4 Discussion

What do you believe has a bigger impact on health disparities—policy and environmental changes or individual-level knowledge and education? Please make a reference to this module’s video or lecture to support your point. 

150 words Initial Post. Module 4 Lecture is also attached.

Module 4 Activity

1. You will practice searching through peer-reviewed articles to complete the statements. The missing information should be the most current epidemiological data available in the literature; therefore, you will generally be limiting your research to articles published since 2011.
     • You should search for information using reputable sites such as .gov sites and articles from the library databases

 2. This is NOT an easy activity to complete. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to search. For the assignment, you should complete at least 6 of the 10 statements, with appropriate citations and references.

 3. Be sure to provide data ONLY from reputable sources.
     • Sources from .com, .org. and .edu sites are unlikely to be reputable

 4. Follow rules of APA Style (6th Edition), provide an appropriate in-text/parenthetical citation at the end of every sentence, as well as a corresponding source in your reference list.

 5. Create a reference list of the articles used to complete the assignment using the APA Style rules.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab provides information on formatting in-text citations and reference lists according to the APA Style rules. The website can be accessed through the following link: 


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