Please follow directions or I will dispute Revise paper and

Please follow directions or I will dispute 

Revise paper and make necessary corrections 

attachment below

  • Revise artifacts from previous coursework throughout the program based on feedback from the instructor.
  • Organize a significant collection of artifacts in an ePortfolio including projects, papers, and other relevant examples showcasing work completed during the program to demonstrate mastery of the program objectives.

Artifact #1 ==> Paper or Report

Using submitted work from a previous class, locate a research paper, case study, or another report to submit as your first artifact. You will want to spend your time this week reviewing and critiquing your document before submission. You should have all of the following corrected:

  1. All spelling errors
  2. All grammar errors
  3. All APA errors
  4. Any other feedback received by your faculty member should be incorporated.

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