QUESTION 1 If you are unfamiliar with MS Word, and



  1. If you are unfamiliar with MS Word, and you need to know where to find tips to become a proficient user, which of the following Walden University pages is the best source of this information?A.Academic Skills CenterB.Career ServicesC.Writing CenterD.Center for Research Quality

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  1. What is the best definition of self-plagiarism?A.The use of small portions of documents as background or foundational material for additional development in a subsequent assignment or research projectB.An author’s use of someone else’s intellectual property as his or her own workC.The reuse of your own work from previous classes or degrees without the appropriate citationD.All of the above

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  1. What are the three computer backup strategies suggested by the Academic Skills Center to secure your academic files and papers?A.iCloud, flash drive, DropboxB.OneDrive, iCloud, flash driveC.Dropbox, OneDrive, and/or BoxD.Box, iCloud, and Carbonite

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  1. The Academic Skills Center has a quick reference link to the e-Guide. Which of the following resources is linked within the e-Guide?A.BookstoreB.Walden e-mailC.Walden University Student Handbook and CatalogD.All of the above

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  1. What is an example of an external research database approved by Walden University staff for conducting research?A.WikipediaB.Google ScholarC.None of the aboveD.All of the above

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  1. The Writing Center offers what services?A.Common reference list examplesB.Editing servicesC.Grammar videos, webinars, and grammar toolsD.All of the above

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  1. The tool Grammarly can be directly accessed (i.e., not by performing a search) from what center?A.Walden LibraryB.Walden Writing CenterC.Walden Center for Research QualityD.Academic Skills Center

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  1. You need to find a theorist, and you go to the Walden Library. What database contains theorist information?A.SocIndexB.New World EncyclopediaC.Sage Encyclopedia and HandbooksD.All of the above

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  1. You must find a peer-reviewed article, and it must be specific to business management. What database combination would you likely begin with to find this information?A.ABI/Inform Complete, Sage Premier, Academic Search CompleteB.ERIC, Expanded Academic ASAP, EbraryC.Emerald Management, Project Muse, PsycARTICLESD.ScholarWorks, Sage Knowledge, Sage Research Methods online

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  1. The Residencies page contains which of the following?A.Information about when and how to register for a residencyB.The cost of attending residencyC.Information about student experiencesD.All of the above

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