Read the research article titled “Simmons et al. (2009)” located in

Read the research article titled “Simmons et al. (2009)” located in the Files section and write a reaction paper over it. Write a two to three page (1 inch margins, double space, Times New Roman font, size 12) reaction paper related to the article. In the paper, you should include 7 elements below:…

1.) Summarize the purpose(s) of the article. 2.) Use a few sentences to summarize the research questions or hypotheses the author(s) have proposed. 3.) What method(s) did the author use? Survey? Experiment? Interview? 4.) What are the major findings of the article? 5.) Describe any personal experiences that might be related to what was studied in in the article. 6.) Were any of the findings from the article surprising to you? If you were a researcher on the same topic, what questions would you ask differently? In other words, are there any questions you want to know, but were not asked in the article?

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