Recall McTaggart’s distinction between the A-series of time and the

Recall McTaggart’s distinction between the A-series of time and the B-series of time: see Sorensen’s A Brief History of the Paradox, pp. 184-185 on McTaggart, and compare Sorensen’s observation on Augustine’s theory of time as subjective, pp. 173-176. Consider the case of your time travel as analyzed in Parts A and B. Where does the “present” — what is happening “now” in A-series time — occur in the story of your time travel?

Where do events in B-series time occur in the story? How does Lewis’ distinction between “external” time and “personal” time fit into the distinction between A-series time and B-series time? Is a time-traveler’s “personal” time subjective, or is it a different form of objective time? This question is philosophically debatable (!), so your task is to analyze the issue, briefly, and see what you think about the issue. Critique. As you reflect on the above ideas about time travel, do you think Lewis’ account successfully shows that time travel is possible? Do you think the distinction between an A- series of times and a B-series of times raises problems for Lewis’ account? In brief, what would you make of Lewis’ account of the possibility of time travel if we bring in the notion of the “present”? Note: Do not use any other outside sources! This is not a report on what others have written about time travel or about Lewis or about McTaggart. This is an exercise in thinking-by- writing! Keep your focus on the texts assigned, and reflect on the ideas in light of the perspectives developed in Lecture and in Discussion section. + write a brief essay, of about 200 words, that explores your own response to the Trolley Problem. This issue has been widely discussed, even in the popular media, but your task is to explore your own intuitive response: if you were in that situation, what should you do? (Don’t look to outside sources; look into your own modal sense.)

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