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Please read each post. Avoid saying how good or bad is the discussion, Avoid saying I like how the discussion has discussed this and that.
Instead, choose a point from each post, agree with it and provide more discussion on the point, do your research and provide more discussion on the point. 150 words and 1 reference for each post.


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Net neutrality is otherwise termed as net neutrality. It is the process and the principle that is adopted by the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to treat all the net communications in a equal manner without any sort of discrimination & also not charging the fares of the internet usage differently based upon different criteria’s such as type of user, content, website and other related factors etc., With the proper implementation of net neutrality, the ISP’S cannot shut down or block or charge excess money for the internet usage. Also, without net neutrality, ISP’s may not be able to regularize the type of traffic or block the traffic from certain services.

Net neutrality is a substantial tool that is liberated in order to restore the freedom of utilizing the internet. The fundamental concept of net neutrality is not to discriminate or to promote any sort of application which are having faster speeds. The objective of the net neutrality is that all the applications should be given equal amount of opportunity in order to promote and give a proper chance to grow without showing any discriminations (Electronic Frontier Foundation ).

In order to give equal opportunity to everyone and the promotion of all applications, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the concept of Net Neutrality in the year 2015 after so many attempts. It is a regular practice for the Internet service providers to forge the packets in order to alter the data from various sources of traffic and they can either be slowed down or can block the application. In the year 2010, for the first time, FCC attempted to act against such types of threats and in 2014 year, FCC has framed certain rules and regulations in order to fight against these issues (ACLU, 2018).


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