Scenario 2: Betsy worked for an insurance company. In her role she used a laptop computer to access claims medical

Scenario #2:
Betsy worked for an insurance company. In her role, she used a laptop computer to access claims, medical records, and PHI. Betsy had attended numerous HIPAA compliance presentations throughout her career but she had also been working with her peers for many years. She trusted them to “do the right thing” with respect to privacy, security and confidentiality.
For that reason, she did not implement each of the available security tools on her laptop – finding them to be both burdensome and time-consuming. Betsy had been working with a team on a project using the large conference room on the first floor. Betsy knew that the door was scheduled to be locked by security at 6:00 PM and decided that it would be safe to leave her laptop in the conference room overnight.
Unfortunately, someone entered the conference room and stole the laptop before security arrived to lock the door. Because Betsy had not implemented the appropriate security mechanisms, the IT department could not prevent the loss of PHI, resulting in a breach.
Choose your perspective for this assignment – you may decide to represent the employee, company, or victim of the breach.

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