Select ONE communication program:Harry Potter Procedure: Apply the FIVE-STEP MEDIA

Select ONE communication program:Harry Potter


1. Description 

2. Analysis 

3. Interpretation

4. Evaluationan

5  Engagement

One of the ways to grasp the influence of media is to look at it within the context of culture. The term culture can be narrowly associated with art–forms of expression such as music or paintings that provide enlightenment or insight. Culture can also be viewed as a broader category that includes the entire spectrum of ways that people express themselves at particular historical times, including art, beliefs, customs, games, technologies, traditions, and institutions. It also encompasses modes of communication, the process of creating symbol systems that convey information and meaning. Culture is made up of the products a society makes and the processes that create those products. It can be defined as the symbols of expression that groups and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values. Mass media – the cultural industries and channels of communication – can then be seen as the distributors of culture. The history of mass media can be traced through five main eras: oral, written, print, electronic, and < />The last three phases feature the development of mass communication: the process of delivering cultural messages to large and diverse audiences through media channels.


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