SOC 534 Religion and Public Health Article Extract Assignment Students

 SOC 534 Religion and Public Health Article Extract Assignment Students are to use the article extract form below to analyze and critique the following research works. The research work should be analyzed separately, one per form. Please reference the grading rubric for this assignment as your guide. The due date is Feb. 7, 2022 at noon. 1. Religion, Social Capital, and Health Karen Hye-cheon Kim Yeary • Songthip Ounpraseuth • Page Moore • Zoran Bursac • Paul Greene Received: 27 June 2011 / Accepted: 19 December 2011 / Published online: 26 January 2012 Religious Research Association, Inc. 2012 Link: Yeary RRR 2012_Article_ReligionSocialCapitalAndHealth.pdf 2. Effect of rosary prayer and yoga mantras on autonomic cardiovascular rhythms: comparative study Luciano Bernardi, Peter Sleight, Gabriele Bandinelli, Simone Cencetti, Lamberto Fattorini, Johanna Wdowczyc-Szulc, Alfonso Lagi Link: BernardiBMJ2001.pdf Article Extract Rubric Criteria Ratings Completeness All fields in template completed in your own words (3); almost all fields completed in your own words (2); several fields left incomplete (1) 3 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 3 pts Accuracy Information is completely accurate (3); mostly accurate (2); somewhat accurate (1) 3 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 3 pts Insight/Analysis Analysis of study applies class concepts to arrive at valid and novel insights (4); analysis applies class concepts (3); analysis repeats points in Discussion section of article (2); little analysis evident (1) 4 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 4 pts Article Extract Form Title: Author(s): Journal, date, volume, pages: Institution of primary author: Most important previous studies mentioned in literature review: Theoretical or conceptual framework: Research question: Hypothesis: Project or data set: Study design: Sample size and selection procedures: Data collection method: Dependent variable(s): Primary independent variable(s): Important mediating, moderating, and/or confounding variables: Analytic or statistical technique used: Primary findings: Weakness of study: Strength of study: Other important issues: 


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