SWK205- SOCIAL WORK WITH THE ELDERLY Lesson 9 Discussion 1


Lesson 9 Discussion 1 (200 words)

Alison is a 65-year-old female who is meeting with the Social Worker at her assisted living home. The staff at the assisted living home have noticed that Alison’s appetite has decreased, she has been sleeping more and has reported to the staff that she feels sad and hopeless.

As a Social Worker meeting with Alison, please review the readings and consider the following in your discussion response:

· How can you apply the interventions from the readings with Alison?

· Do you think you would need to assess Alison for any risk of suicide?

· How would Cognitive Behavioral interventions be a useful intervention for Alison?

Lesson 9 Discussion 2 (200 words)

Please read the following article and watch the video, within the article, about the healing power of music for Alzheimer’s patients.

Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients- https://www.aarp.org/health/brain-health/info-2015/music-therapy-for-alzheimers.html

After reviewing the video and article, please consider the following for your discussion post:

· What are your thoughts on the benefits of music for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease?

· How could you apply this information in your own Social Work practice?

· Please share any other thoughts.

Lesson 9 Readings

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treatment of Late-Life Depression- https://www.todaysgeriatricmedicine.com/archive/JF17p22.shtml

People with Alzheimer’s Pool of Art and Music Memories Runs Deep- https://www.socialworktoday.com/archive/exc_111510.shtml

Aging and CBT- https://www.abct.org/featured-articles/information-on-opioids-and-the-opioid-crisis/?m=mInformation&fa=fs_AGING

Lesson 10 Discussion (200 words)

Please review the readings and consider the following in your discussion response:

· What are some of the benefits of spirituality/faith for older adults?

· As a Social Worker, how can you support older adults with their faith or spirituality?

· Could there be any challenges if your spirituality/faith differs from the clients you are working with?

Each discussion post should be a minimum of 250 words or one page.

Lesson 10 Readings

Seniors and Spirituality: Health Benefits of Faith- https://eldercarealliance.org/blog/seniors-and-spirituality-health-benefits-of-faith/

Spirituality and Aginghttps://www.whereyoulivematters.org/spirituality-and-aging/


Lesson 9 Discussion (200 words)

Using the vignette for Tisha (found in the textbook), answer the following questions: What stage of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development is the client currently in? Are they meeting the expectations of this stage? Examples? Are they demonstrating any delays in this stage? Examples? 

Lesson 10 Discussion (200 words)

Please give an example of parenting across different cultural communities. How do cultural worldviews, practices, and values shape parenting styles? 


Lesson 9 Discussion(200 words)

Discuss a family issue (listed in chapter 12) and how it may affect family dynamics. Share a real-life example with your peers (does not have to be personal – can be something you witnessed [do not use names] or something that has been in the media). The original post should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words). 

Lesson 10 Discussion (200 words)

Consider groups that provide a particularly strong social identity for their members. Why do you think social identity is so strong in these groups, and how does the experience of identity influence the group members’ behavior? The original post should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words). 


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