The construct of cognitive dissonance is based on the notion

 The construct of cognitive dissonance is based on the notion that we will sometimes behave in ways that we don’t like or that clash with certain views we hold of ourselves. For example, we might say or do things (often based on emotion) that we later regret because it does not mesh with our personal definitions. A common example of this is when people post something on social media that garners negative attention and then they claim that it does not represent who they really are while expressing regret. Regardless of maturity, education level, or socioeconomic status, all individuals behave in ways that create cognitive dissonance from time to time. For this journal entry, identify and discuss an area of your own behavior that creates cognitive dissonance for you. In this entry, you need to identify the behavior as well as the reason you feel it creates dissonance. As always, only share what you feel comfortable sharing.  (no fewer than 600 words)  


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