The first choice to make in developing your Strategic Plan

 The first choice to make in developing your Strategic Plan is choosing an organization. Most students find it easiest to use their current or past organization although other organizations can be used. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations can be used. Plans are entirely confidential and students do not need to be concerned that their plans will be shared with their organizations or others.Wk1 AssignmentThe strategic plan draft for the first week should include the following elements:

  • Cover Page: Include your name, course, professor, date, and page number
  • Abstract: In one page, provide an overview of the strategic planning project.
  • The Purpose of Strategic Planning: In 2-4 pages, describe why strategic planning is valuable to an organization and its stakeholders.
  • Quotations/Citations/References (QCR): Each week’s draft should include:
    • One QCR from any text or article on Strategy
    • At least One QCR from the Bryson text
    • One QCR from an article in Business Source Complete or other primary sources like
    • One QCR from any appropriate text or article used as required reading in an earlier course
    • NOTE: Quotations should include 6-­‐30 words
    • NOTE: Your Wk1 strategic plan draft will have at least four references

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