this assignment is due in 6 hours no extra time

 this assignment is due in 6 hours no extra time will be given.

 Go to the website: Login 

I will provide login details once I assign to you 

Then you will go to “my digital bookshelf” and use the book Learning together with young children.

Read chapters 7 and 8 and answer the following questions: What concepts stood out to you in these two Chapters? What are your take-aways? 

 Please list and expand upon at least 3 concepts each from Chapter 7 and 8 using these prompts:

  • What were some of my most powerful learning moments and what made them so?
  • What were your most interesting discoveries?
  • Did this give you a new perspective, challenge your point of view, or introduce you to new techniques, skills, processes?
  • How will you incorporate this new knowledge in your work with children and families?  

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