Use the company you chose in Week three( Fastenal, a


Use the company you chose in Week three(  Fastenal, a company that operates the construction industry ), along with a comparable company within the same industry. Ratios should be calculated using the two most recent completed years. Make sure to include a link to the financial statements you are using.

Investors and lenders who read financial statements must determine the age, composition, and productivity of operating assets.


For each company, determine:

(Replicate the five steps in the Ratio Analysis Model to perform the analysis.)

  1. Formulate the Question
  2. Gather the Information from the Financial Statements
  3. Calculate the Ratio
  4. Compare the Ratio with Other Ratios
  5. Interpret the Ratios

Initial post due by Thursday.  

Remember to include at least one scholarly source in your post or comments. Source must be cited in-text and full reference listed at the end of the post, both in APA format. Then, comment on at least two posts from your peers within the Discussion Thread. Due by Sunday.


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