What I’m looking for is evidence that you have read


What I’m looking for is evidence that you have read and are engaging with the material, considering the questions in a serious way, and trying to contribute to the online discussion. 

Discussion One:Friedman’s Business Ethics:
At times, students have called Friedman’s account of managerial ethics “more realistic,” since it recognizes that individuals are fundamentally self-interested. What is the problem with this understanding of Friedman’s arguments (treating individuals as always acting on their narrow self-interest)?

Discussion Two Friedman on Freedom:
How does Friedman understand economic freedom? What are some ways that individuals or groups may undermine that freedom?

Discussion ThreeFreedom, Domination, and Markets:
Consider Adam Smith’s famous examples of the butcher, brewer, and baker. How, according to Anderson, do relations in contemporary markets differ from these examples? Is she correct? Why or why not?

Material Links:https://www-jstor-org.ezproxy.mnsu.edu/stable/3857536?pq-origsite=summon&seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents

Click to access Friedman.pdf


Quality responses:

  1. raise questions
  2. state and defend your view
  3. suggest counter-arguments for the position of the author or your fellow students
  4. point to something from the text that is relevant to discussion
  5. connect it to other readings from class

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