What recommendations would you give them based on your research

What recommendations would you give them based on your research question from Step #4? –

Give examples to support your ideas.

step 4 : Why do customers come to this organization and what factors keep them loyal or returning to do business with this organization?

Answer:Apple and Samsung are the two largest companies in the world of electronic products. The two companies have a lot of competition and even conflict in order to attract customers. Today I interviewed a friend of mine, Peter who, who had worked in an Apple store in Toronto for more than a year. Now he has opened his own computer repair store in Vancouver. He told me about how Apple is attracting customers to come to their stores to buy their products.

Peter told me that Apple is one of the best companies in the world that knows how to market. The core point of Apple’s marketing is built on simplicity. First of all, their logo is the best example. An apple that is missing a piece has no other extra words and patterns. Customers will easily remember the logo when they see it for the first time. What is more, Apple’s ads are always keep messaging and visuals simple. The content of their ads does not have too much complicated design or copywriting, but uses many close-up shots to show their products. The most effective way to sell products to consumers is not through complex advertisements, flashy websites, or overly inflated ad copy. You can reach them by simplifying the decision-making process. Finally, Apple stores all over the world are fully open design. They are wrapped in transparent glass. This simple design makes it easy for customers to see the interior and products of the store. Therefore, Apple has attracted many customers through these built on simplicity marketing strategies.

Then, we discussed how Apple attracts customers to become loyal and continue to buy their products. Peter believes this is related to Apple’s core values. Peter told me that every Apple store employee has employees carry card which reminds them of the importance of company values. Among all core values of Apple, he believes that the two most important are customer-focused and innovation. Customer-focused is one of the values ​​and operating philosophy of Jobs and his partners in the early days of establishing Apple. Today, Apple is still committed to enriching and improving people’s lives. Peter used a piece of his work experience to tell me how Apple is customer-focused by another way. When he was doing salespeople at the Apple Store in Toronto, he got paid without commission. This meant that he didn’t need to worry too much about his monthly sales performance. Therefore, he can focus on helping customers rather than closing the sale. In addition, Apple’s innovation is another reason why customers continue to buy their products. Whether it is at Jobs or Cook leading Apple, innovation will always be one of Apple’s most important core values.


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