Write a reply to the following writings, use one quote

Write a reply to the following writings, use one quote from the article attached. No less than 100 words.

Early in the era of trans people coming out there were many challenges which the trans community faced. Each person had an experience of their own and the media either supported it or ridiculed it. Many working class or colored trans people were often criticized and looked down upon as opposed to white trans people. The public would support the transition of white middle class men to women and said they looked “natural” and “feminine” because they met the beauty standards of blonde hair and white skin. In the scholarly source, “Constructing the ‘Good Transexual” by Emily Skidmore is states “As a blond, heterosexual, and domestically oriented woman, Jorgensen’s appearance in the mainstream press introduced readers to the concept of transsexuality and yet simultaneously assured them of continued dominance of gender roles forged in reference to white heteropatriarchy” (Skidmore 273). Christine Jorgensen was one of the few trans women who was being supported by the media because she met the beauty standards of society and she was “likable”.  Unlike her experience, other trans women were criticized. Charlotte Mcleod was also a white woman, but the mainstream media negatively characterized her because she was not from a middle class family and Tamara Adel Rees was also white woman who was looked down upon because of her dark hair and not being “feminine enough”.  Marta Olmos Ramiro , Laverne Peterson, and Delisa Newton were trans women of color and other races and they were seen as negative role models as well. The media would represent them in a sexualized way as if they were not deemed to be mothers and housewives because of their race. Although Christine Jorgensen’s journey of being a trans woman was seen as the only positive one, in the primary source “Christine Jorgensen,  A Personal Autobiography” she wrote about all the difficulties she went through as well. She states in the article, “For the next few days, the newspapers had a field day and, once again, I was making headlines. My arrival was fully reported, sometimes in a friendly and sometimes hostile way…” She was seen as beautiful and feminine, but she faced many criticism as well in her personal life early on after transitioning. Although she didn’t face the same challenges as colored or lower class women who transitioned, she did receive many hate letters and threats This shows how the secondary source only focuses on the positive aspects of her life, rather than the negative as well.


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