Write about a how a law or circumstance that was beyond your control to change has impacted your life. It

Write about a how a law or circumstance that was beyond your control to change has impacted your life.
It could be about a rule (not running in the house with
or maybe
were speeding and got caught). It could be about life circumstances like poverty, raised by single parent or grandparent, death, etc. The idea is to write how a law or societal/life circumstance that you had no control over or didnt cause impacted your life.
In this essay also explore if you could change the law or
societal/life circumstance, what would you do.
(No essays about relationship breakups or make-ups, please. In fact, no essays about romantic relationships, period.)
particular attention
to the characteristics of a memoir essay that was discussed in class. Word choice and grammar and mechanics will also be
taken into account
when grading this essay. Write it in the first person, please. (Using I)
In other words, tell me a story.
Write the essay in MLA format whether its in Google Docs or Word. Recall not only the characteristics of this essay but the parts of an essay. Also, consider the essay rubric for this assignment
Make sure you use this checklist to help you
Also the writing lab is here to help: Writing Lab Summer 1 2020
What I dont want to read: I dont want to read the history of your life. If the event happened last year, dont tell me what happened two years before. Remember this is about a moment in your life, not an entire life.
400-600 words, no more than 650 words.
Refer to the
Things not to do in your memoir essay
Dont start with a date. Dont say it happened on May 1st. That really doesnt tell me anything,
saying something like – I was 15 when I found out the meaning of life – thats a much better opening and it does give me a time element.
Dont explain the thing before you get to the story of the memoir. Just start it. For example, dont say,
was an event that changed my family forever, We have always thought we were strong but we got stronger after it happened.
— Nope. Just start. Dont give me that at the beginning. Remember how the student papers in
did this make
an A
began. They
started right at the story.
Dont use the words very, a lot, and get. Thats sloppy writing. Use your words to be more accurate in what youre trying to say.
NO SEMICOLONS EVER. Nope. Never. Were still learning how to write clear and declarative sentences. Id rather us work on that first.
Watch the details. Remember, youre not giving me a huge story. Youre giving me enough details to tell me a story. Just like you did with your videos.
Meanwhile, give me a great title. Dont give me Memoir Essay as the title.
Dont turn in your first draft. Turn in your third draft. Work on the essay little by little. Dont wait until Sunday night and then write the essay. Please dont do that.
Use the writing lab. Please, use the writing lab! They are fantastic and can help you get a great grade.
If you have
(most of you do), look at what I have marked on it. All papers have comments and have been marked.
Dont be late. Remember, D2L is not kind to procrastinators! Watch the clock and turn it in!


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