You will administer an interview and 3 tests to a volunteer score and interpret them and write a 2 page

You will administer an interview and 3 tests to a volunteer, score and interpret them, and write a 2 page (c.500 word) report. Submit the raw test data with your report. You may assess either an adult or a child aged 5 – 12. If you opt for an adult assessment, obtain informed consent (a form will be provided). If you opt for a child assessment, obtain informed consent from a parent or guardian as well as the child’s assent (the forms will be provided). The measures to be used are:
Social History Interview
(a suggested schedule of questions will be provided)
Rotter Incomplete
Sentences Blank (adults); Human Figure Drawing (children)
Eysenck Personality
Questionnaire (adults); Child Behavior Checklist (children)
Peabody Picture-Vocabulary
Test or Expressive Vocabulary Test (adults and children)
Attached, please find an example of the sample report.


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